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Urine Bag

Product name:Disposable Drainage Bag(Urine Bag)
Product use:This product is used for urine collection of serious and inconvenient patient in bed for long time.
Material construction:
This product is made up of a bag body,guiding tube and draing tuble.The bag capacity is three kinds of for 100 mls,1000 mls,2000 mls。
Material Construction:
This product is forged by ABS plsatic and easy to use.
Directions of use and points for attention:
1、Pull the protecting top from drainage tube and connect with nelaton catheter.This is ready for use after hanging the bag in patient bed using the hanger and hole eyes.
2、When the volume of liquid is larger than the rated volume of bag body,open the value on bottom of bag body to let out.
3、Tearing open the package according to the indicated direction by words on the small package.
4、Forbidden to use if the small package is damaged.
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