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Series Of Support Ring

Close ring retort support
Made of Ni/Cr plated steel
Item no. Ring dia. length
HO310-60 60mm 180mm
HO310-80 80mm 195mm
HO310-100 100mm 200mm
HO310-120 120mm 215mm
HO310-140 140mm 225mm
Other size available
Open ring retort support with bosshead.
Made of Ni/Cr plated steel
Item no. Ring dia.
Ho320-50 50mm
HO320-60 60mm
HO320-80 80mm
HO320-100 100mm
HO320-120 120mm
HO320-140 140mm
Other size available
Close retort ring with bosshead
Item no.
Other size available
Open ringretort support
Made of Ni/Cr plated steel
Item no. ring dia  length
HO300-60 60mm 180mm
HO300-80 80mm 195mm
HO300-100 100mm 200mm
HO300-120 120mm 215mm
HO300-140 140mm 225mm
Other size available
Open ring retort support with bosshead
Made of Ni/Cr plated steel
item no. ring dia.
HO330-50 50mm
HO330-60 60mm
HO330-80 80mm
HO330-100 100mm
HO330-120 120mm
HO330-140 140mm
other size available
Circular support platforms with bosshead
Made of chromed bosshead and plastic coated platform.
Item NO. Size
HO400-80 80mm
HO400-150 150mm
Support stand kits
A.700mm high x 700mm long
item no. material
KS070-070 stainless steel rod
KA070-070 Aluminium rod
KT070-070 Steel rod
made up of:
8rods 700mm long
2rods 350mm long
16 bosshead
4 foot supports
1 hex key
B.700mm high x 1000mm long
item no. material
KS070-100 SUS304 rod
KA070-100 aluminium rod
KT070-100 steel rod
Made up of:
4rods 1000mm long
5rods 750mm long
2rods 350mm long
20 bosshead.
4 foot supports.
1hex key
C.1000mm high x 1000mm long
Item no. material
KS100-100 S.S. rod
KA100-100 aluminium rod
KT100-100 steel rod
Made up of:
10 rods 1000mm long
2 rods 700mm long
3 rods 350mm long
34 bosshead
6 foot supports
1 hex key
D.1000mm high x 2000mm long
Item no. material
KS100-200 S.S. rod
KA100-200 Aluminium rod
KT100-200 steel
Made up of:
5 rods 2000mm long
7 rods 1000mm long
8 rods 200mm long
3 rods 350mm long
45 bosshead
8 foot support
1 hex key
Mounting foot support
Cast iron and plastic coated.
item no. dia of rod model
MF010-10 10mm Vertical
MF010-15 10mm Horizontal
MF010-20 10mm 3 dimension
MF012-10 12mm Vertical
MF012-15 12mm Horizontal
MF012-20 12mm 3 dimension
MF014-10 14mm Vertical
MF014-15 14mm Horizontal
MF014-20 14mm 3 dimension
MF016-10 16mm Vertical
MF016-15 16mm Horizontal
MF016-20 16mm 3 dimension
4 places crucible support
Dim: 135mm long x 135mm widex 60mm high
Item no.
6 places crucible support
Dim: 125mm long x 90mm wide x 50mm high
item no.
Square crucible support
Dim:205mm longx 130mm wide x 45mm high
item no.
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