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Series Of Stand Base & Jack

Pipette stand
Moulded in white polypropylene . Accept 44 pipettes of up to 15mm. Very stable with 30mm diameter base.
item no. Model
TT660-44 With rotating base
TT660-10 wothout base
Tripod stands. Height 200mm
Item no. model Side Length type
TJ100-125 TJ110-125 125mm triangular
TJ100-150 TJ110-150 150mm triangular
TJ100-200 TJ110-200 200mm triangular
TJ120-125 TJ130-125 125mm circular top
TJ120-150 TJ130-150 150mm circular top
TJ120-200 TJ130-200 200mm circular top
Laboratory Jacks
Aluminium plates providing a rigid support platform.The scissor action movement is activated by a large control knob , LJ450 have a tapped hole with locking nut in the top plate which accepts an M10 threaded retort rod.
item no. size(mm) Max height(mm) Max static load(kg)
LJ450-100 100 x 100 140 30
LJ450-150 150 x 150 280 60
LJ450-200 200 x 200 290 60
LJ450-250 250 x 250 380 60
Tripod support
Cast iron plastic coated, circular and flat top.
item no. Model
TJ140-90 90mm
TJ140-120 120mm
Tripod support
item no.
Laboratory jacks
Scissor action movement. Controlled by a large khnob. Steel Top and bottom plates.
Stainless steel Size  material
LJ480-150 150 x 150 stainless steel
LJ480-200 200 x 200 stainless steel
LJ460-150 150 x 150 Plated steel
LJ460-200 200 x 200 Plated steel
LJ500-150 150 x 150 Plastic coated
LJ500-200 200 x 200 Plastic coated
Retort stand base
Made of cast iron , painted blue , complete with retort rod.
item bo. Size(mm) rod length x dia.
AA330-140 200 x 140 600 x 10mm
AA330-180 300 x 180 700 x 10mm
Marble retort stand base
Black natural marble base with 8mm dia hole for retort rod and rubber feet. With rod 700 x 10mm dim.200 x 150 x 30 mm
item no.
Rerort stand base
Metal sheet base, complete with rod.
item no. material Base size Rod
AA380-175 Painted steel 175 x 100 450 x 9mm
AA380-225 Painted steel 225 x 125 500 x 10mm
AA380-230 Painted steel 230 x 130 600 x 10mm
AA380-250 Painted steel 250 x 150 600 x 10mm
AA380-300 Painted steel 300 x 150 700 x 12mm
AA400-175 Stainless steel 175 x 100 450 x 9mm
AA400-225 Stainless steel 225 x 125 500 x 10mm
AA400-230 Stainless steel 230 x 130 600 x 10mm
AA400-250 Stainless steel 250 x 150 600 x 10mm
AA400-300 Stainless steel 300 x 150 700 x 12mm
Rectangular Retort Stand Bases
Cast iron,with hole tapped M10 x 1.5mm and rubber feet in the short side.
item no. Model Size(mm)
A390-240 Blue paint 115 x 75
A390-250 Blue paint 160 x 100
A390-260 Blue paint 200 x 125
A390-270 Blue paint 250 x 160
A390-280 Blue paint 315 x 200
A shape retort stamd base
Cast iron, finishedin blue paint with hole tapped M10 x 1.5mm and rubber feet.
item no. side length rod
AA420-150 150mm 600 x 10mm
AA420-151 200mm 700 x 10mm
Marble retort stand base
Natural marble base dim:300x150x30mm,rod:700x10mm
item no.
Glass retort stand base
Cast iron base and glass platform.
item no. dim rod
AA360-190 300x150x30mm 700x10mm
H shape support stand base
Three vertical rods and two horizontal rods,six bosshead
item no Base size Rod length dia of rod
AA100-010 500x250 800mm 10mm
AA200-010 400x200 700mm 10mm
AA100-012 500x250 800mm 12mm
AA200-012 400x200 700mm 12mm
Tripod retort stand bases
Cast iron finished in blue paint with rod hole tapped M10x1.5mm and rubber feet. Dimension given is approximate spreadfrom rod to foot.
item no. Size
AA320-85 85mm
AA320-110 110mm
AA320-135 135mm
AA320-175 175mm
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