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Series Of Rach

Test tube rack
item no. model tubes Dia.
ST300-10 PVC coated 6*2 16mm
ST300-20 PVC coated 6*2 25mm
ST300-30 AISI304 6*2 16mm
ST300-40 AISI305 6*2 25mm
Weight ring
Cast iron,PVC costed rings.for stabilizing conical flasks immersed in water.
item no. weight(kg) I.D.(mm) flasks
WR300-48 0.22 48 50-500ml
WR300-56 0.45 56 250-1000ml
WR300-61 0.68 61 1000-2000ml
WR300-74 0.91 74 1-5L
Test tube rack
item no. model tubes Dia.mm
ST400-10 PVC coated 6*4 16
ST400-20 PVC coated 6*5 25
ST400-30 AISI304 6*6 16
ST400-40 AISI305 6*7 25
Test tube rack(Z type)
made of aluninium.with hole arranged in 5 rows *10 holes,and alphanumeric engraved for cross reference,guide from 1 to 10 and A to e.
item no. holes dia. rows
ST450-012 12.2 5*10
ST450-014 14.5 5*10
ST450-017 17.5 5*10
ST450-28M Multihole 28*5,19*6,13*8
Test tube racks (plastic)
Made of a blend plolyplene,locking feels allow racks to be stacked while not in use .Rows are numbered and lettered for tube identification.Available in five sizes and colours.
item no. O.D. tubes rows colour
A1989-1000 13mm 90 6*15 white
A1989-1001 16mm 60 5*12 white
A1989-1002 20mm 40 4*10 white
A1989-1003 25mm 24 3*8 white
A1989-1004 30mm 21 3*7 white
A1990-1000 13mm 90 6*15 red
A1990-1001 16mm 60 5*12 red
A1990-1002 20mm 40 4*10 red
A1990-1003 25mm 24 3*8 red
A1990-1004 30mm 21 3*7 red
A1991-1000 13mm 90 6*15 blue
A1991-1001 16mm 60 5*12 blue
A1991-1002 20mm 40 4*10 blue
A1991-1003 25mm 24 3*8 blue
A1991-1004 30mm 21 3*7 blue
A1992-1000 13mm 90 6*15 yellow
A1992-1001 16mm 60 5*12 yellow
A1992-1002 20mm 40 4*10 yellow
A1992-1003 25mm 24 3*8 yellow
A1992-1004 30mm 21 3*7 yellow
A1993-1000 13mm 90 6*15 green
A1993-1001 16mm 60 5*12 green
A1993-1002 20mm 40 4*10 green
A1993-1003 25mm 24 3*8 green
A1993-1004 30mm 21 3*7 green
Test tube rack
Made of metal sheet, three rows arrangement.
item no. model Tube size Array
ST500-20 Aluminium 18.5mm 10X3
ST500-30 Aluminium 15.5mm 10X3
ST500-40 Aluminium 22X8;5X7;15.5X8mm  
ST500-50 Coated Steel 18.5mm 10X3
ST500-60 Coated Steel 15.5mm 10X3
ST500-70 Coated Steel 22X8;5X7;15.5X8mm  
ST500-80 SUS430 18.5mm 10X3
ST500-90 SUS430 15.5mm 10X3
Nessler tube racks
Molded white polypropylene.Supplied in 5 pieces ofr easy snap together assembly.The racks have 6 places.
item no. model Arrange
CD910-050 50ml 6X1
CD910-100 100ml 6X1
CD920-010 10ml 6X2
CD920-025 25ml 6X2
Test Tube Racks(plastic)
One piece design which can be folded to shape by the user without the use of tools. Made of a blend of ployproplene .locking feels allow racks to be stacked while not in use .Raws are numbered and lettered for tube identification. Available in five sizes and five colours.
item no. colour O.D Tubes
A1994-1000 white 13mm 90
A1994-1001 white 16mm 60
A1994-1002 white 20mm 40
A1994-1003 white 25mm 40
A1994-1004 white 30mm 24
A1995-1000 red 13mm 90
A1995-1001 red 16mm 60
A1995-1002 red 20mm 40
A1995-1003 red 25mm 40
A1995-1004 red 30mm 24
A1996-1000 blue 13mm 90
A1996-1001 blue 16mm 60
A1996-1002 blue 20mm 40
A1996-1003 blue 25mm 40
A1996-1004 blue 30mm 24
A1997-1000 yellow 13mm 90
A1997-1001 yellow 16mm 60
A1997-1002 yellow 20mm 40
A1997-1003 yellow 25mm 40
A1997-1004 yellow 30mm 24
A1998-1000 green 13mm 90
A1998-1001 green 16mm 60
A1998-1002 green 20mm 40
A1998-1003 green 25mm 40
A1998-1004 green 30mm 24
Test tube rack
Made of PP.with six holes 25mm diameter, ideal for classroom work and 6 draining pegs. Supplied flat and is easy to assemble for use or disassemble for storage.
Item no.
Horizon pipette rack
Made of PP,support 12 straight or small bulb popette over 200mm long. Complete with two end pieces and three connecting rods for easily assembly.
item no.
Draining rack
Made of plastic coated steel, Wire tips are PVC Covered.
Item no. position Size(High X Wide
DR650-50 55 650 x 360
DR650-48 48 500 x 400
DR650-32 32 300 x 400
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