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Series Of Holders

Beaker Tong
For beakers,flat hinge.overall length 275mm.
item no. model
CJ205-30 PVC coated
TB600-10 Rubber covered
Test tube holder (metal wire)
Spring steel.Hold tubes up to 30mm diameter.
item no. model REMARK
TH800-10 without finger grip plated steel
TH800-20 with finger grip plated steel
TH801-10 without finger grip AISI304
TH801-20 with finger grip AISI304
Test tube holder (hard wood)
With steel spring for tubes to 20mm
item no.
Alloy test tube and thermometer holder
Chrome plated alloy,with spring loaded jaws.for tube 0-25mm.
item no. model
FD100-25 chromed
TH810-20 plastic coated
Test tube and thermometer swivel holder (alloy)
Chrome plated alloy,with bosshead and spring loaded jaws.for tube 0-25mm.
item no. model
SD100-25 chromed
TH810-21 plastic coated
Crucible tongs
Flat hinge.Bowed type.Dimension given is overall length.
item no. model total length
TA500-150 plated steel 150mm
TA500-200 plated steel 200mm
TA500-220 plated steel 220mm
TA500-250 plated steel 250mm
TA500-300 plated steel 300mm
TA500-350 plated steel 350mm
TA500-400 plated steel 400mm
TA500-450 plated steel 450mm
TA500-500 plated steel 500mm
TA500-600 plated steel 600mm
TA600-150 stainess steel 150mm
TA600-200 stainess steel 200mm
TA600-220 stainess steel 220mm
TA600-250 stainess steel 250mm
TA600-300 stainess steel 300mm
TA600-350 stainess steel 350mm
TA600-400 stainess steel 400mm
TA600-450 stainess steel 450mm
TA600-500 stainess steel 500mm
TA600-600 stainess steel 600mm
Crucible tongs
Flat hinge.straight type .dimesion given is overal length
item no. model total length
TA700-150 plated steel 150mm
TA700-200 plated steel 200mm
TA700-220 plated steel 220mm
TA700-250 plated steel 250mm
TA700-300 plated steel 300mm
TA700-350 plated steel 350mm
TA800-150 stainless steel 150mm
TA800-200 stainless steel 200mm
TA800-220 stainless steel 220mm
TA800-250 stainless steel 250mm
TA800-300 stainless steel 300mm
TA800-350 stainless steel 350mm
Beaker tong
Made of AISI304,fiberglass sleeve for high temperature project
item no. length
TB500-10 250mm
TB500-20 280mm
Dish tong(forceps)
Made of AISI304,three finger type for stable operation.
item no. length
TB400-10 240mm
TB400-20 300mm
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