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Clamp With Two Fingers

Four Finger Clamp(shank)
Die-cast alloy,Ni/Cr plated finish,with cork lined interlocking jaws.Accepts articles up to 80mm in diameter.
item no Model
CJ190-10 Chromed
CJ190-11 Plastic coated
Four Finger Clamp(shank)
Die-cast alloy,Ni/Ci plated finish,with cork lined interlocking jaws.Accepts articles up to 80mm diameter.
item no Model
CJ200-10 Chromed
CJ200-11 Plastic coated
Four finger swivel calmps
Chrome plated,zinc-alloy,for articles up to 80mm in diameter.And rotete 360 degrees.locks in any position.
item no Model Size
SW300-80 UK type 0-80mm
SW300-90 eu type 0-80mm
Round jaws universal calmps
item no Model Size
FW150-30 Shank 30mm
FW150-50 Shank 50mm
SW150-30 Swivel 30mm
SW150-50 Swivel 50mm
Three finger clamp(Large)
Die-cast alloy,Chrome or palstic coated finish.With three coated jaws.Accept articles up to 70mm.
item no Model Size
CJ170-10 Chrome 0-70mm
CJ170-11 Plastic coated 0-70mm
Three finger swivel clamps(large)
PVC coated prong.Made of zinc-alloy and chrome plated.For articles from 0-70mm in diameter.
Item no.
Three finger clamps (small,medium)
Made of chrome plated alloy with three PVC coated prongs.
Item No. Model Size
CJ170-20 Small 0-25mm
CJ170-21 Medium 0-50mm
Swivel three finger clamp
Made of chrome plated metal with three PVC coated prongs.used for byretes and tubes
Item no. Model size
SJ170-20 Small 0-25mm
SJ170-21 Medium 0-50mm
Three finger double adjust clamp(large)
Double adjustable,PVC coated prongs.Made of chrome plated zinc-alloy.Accept objects from 0 to 60mm.
item no
Three finger double adjust swivel calmp(large)
Same as FW200-70,with bosshead for rod max up to 21mm.
item no
Three finger double adjust clamp(small)
Double adjustable,PVS coated prongs.Made of chrome plated zinc-alloy.Accepts objects from 0 to 30mm.
item no
Three finger double adjust clamps(small)
Same as FW200-30 ,with bosshead for rod up to 21mm.
item no
Thre prong fixed bosshead calmp
Made of chrome plated zinc-alloy for dia form 4 to 20mm.
item no
Two prong extension clamp (medium)
Made of Ni/Cr plated zinc alloy.PVC coated prongs.Accept articles from 12 to 45mm
item no
Two prong seivel clamp (Small)
Swivel clamps with PVC coated prongs to accommodate areticles at any angle .Chrome plated zinc alloy.For item 12 to 45 mm.
item no
Two prong xtension clamps(small)
Made of Ni/Cr plated zinc alloy,PVC coated prongs.Accepts articles from 7 to 25mm.
item no
Two prong fixed bosshead clamp
Two prong bosshead clamp(FB100-25)made of Ni/Cr plated zinc-alloy,with PVC coated double prongs.
item no. model size
FB100-25 small 7-25mm
FB100-45 medium 12-45mm
Chain clamp
With chain and spring ,made of AISI304 stainless steel.For dia .from 80mm to 150mm.
item no.
Universal clamp
Plastic coated alloy,stamped steel rod shank.Recommend for condenser and irregular shapes.
item no.
Suspension clamp
Hold thermometers,drying tubes or other item.
item no. model
SC350-10 single prong
SC350-20 double prong
Thermometer extension clamp
Extension rod 10mm in dia.total length:200mm.
Item no.
Thermometer swivel clamp
Same as ST200-15,but with adjustable bosshead.
item no.
Double clamps (medium + small)
One jaw grip object up to 25mm,rotates 360 degrees .
item no.
Univerisal clip(Brass)
item no. model
CJ180-10 large
CJ180-14 medium
Universal clip(steel)
item no. model
CJ200-16 large
CJ200-18 medium
Universal clip (S/S:stainless steel)
item no. model
CJ201-20-20 large
CJ201-22 medium
Flask clip
item no. model
CJ204-28 alloy
CJ204-30 sheet metal
Angle adjustable four clamp
Alloy with cork lined jaws and hinge joint of 180-degree rotation angle.for article 0-80mm.
item no. model
SJ280-10 plastic coated
SJ280-11 chrome
Three finger extension clamp(medium)
Single adjustable,max opening:75mm chrome plated,shank:12mm dia.
item no.
Three finger extension clamp(small)
Single adjustable max opening :30mm,chrome plated,shank:10mm dia.
item no.
Two prong double adjust extension clamp(large) 
die-cast alloy,chrome plated,rod :12mm dia .max opening :65mm.
item no.
Two prong double adjust extension clamp(small) 
die-cast alloy,chrome plated,rod :10mm dia .max opeing :40mm
item no.
Three prong single adjust swivel clamp (medium) 
chrome plated.for object:0-70mm.
item no.
Three prong single adjust swivel clamp(small)
Chrome plated.For object:0-30mm.
item no.
Two prong double adujust swivel clamp(large)
Chromed alloy.for articles 0-40mm
item no.
Double roating clamp
Chrome plated alloy,360 degree adjustable
item no. model(opening)
BB180-16 16mm
BB180-19 21mm
Double clamp for rod
Ni/Cr plated,for fixing perpendicular structures.
item no. for rod dia.
CB280-10 10mm
CB280-12 12mm
CB280-14 14mm
CB280-16 16mm
Ball type bosshead
Chrome plated alloy,suitiable for multilevel and three dimension constructions.
item no. for rod dia.
CB270-13 7-13mm
CB270-25 15-25mm
Universal bosshead
For cross and parallel arrangement.chrome plated alloy.
item no. for rod dia.
CB260-16 16mm
CB260-27 27mm
Test tube holder (metal wire)
Spring steel.Hold tubes up to 30mm diameter.
item no. model REMARK
TH800-10 without finger grip plated steel
TH800-20 with finger grip plated steel
TH801-10 without finger grip AISI304
TH801-20 with finger grip AISI304
Test tube holder (hard wood)
With steel spring for tubes to 20mm
item no.
Alloy test tube and thermometer holder
Chrome plated alloy,with spring loaded jaws.for tube 0-25mm.
item no. model
FD100-25 chromed
TH810-20 plastic coated
Test tube and thermometer swivel holder (alloy)
Chrome plated alloy,with bosshead and spring loaded jaws.for tube 0-25mm.
item no. model
SD100-25 chromed
TH810-21 plastic coated
Mohr's tube clip
According to Mhr,made of spring steel
item no. model total length
TC100-14 plated steel 45mm
TC100-24 AISI304 60mm
Spring tubing clamps
Center hinged spring and acetal plastic,provide on/off flow control for flexible tubing.
item no. for tubing dia
TC300-08 0-8mm
TC300-12 0-10mm
Hoffman side hinged clip
Zinc-alloy Nickel plated with controlthumb screw.
item no.
Hoffman's tubing clip
Hoffman type,brass made,bottom hinged and nickel plated.Allow variable flow control.
item no. max .opening
TH200-12 12mm
TH200-17 17mm
TH200-20 20mm
TH200-25 25mm
TH200-30 30mm
TH200-40 40mm
Mohr's tubing clip
According to Mohr.made of brass,Ni plated.
item no. total length
TC200-40 40mm
TC200-50 50mm
TC200-60 60mm
TC200-70 70mm
TC200-80 80mm
Mohr's tubing clip
According to mohr.made of brass.Nickel plated.one piece design.
item no. total length
TC201-50 50mm
TC201-60 60mm
TC201-70 70mm
TC201-80 80mm
Sperical joint pinch clamp
Spring closing action.Unique forked shaaped jaws provide uniform compression for safe,leak-free seals.screw locking device for maximum security.stainless steel bright polished finish for years of chemical resistance.
item no. Model
CS610-12 12
CS610-18 18
CS610-28 28
CS610-35 35
CS610-50 50
CS610-65 65
Conical head clips
Made of platsic(POM)
item no. model colour
CC-10 10 green
CC-12 12 purple
CC-14 14 yellow
CC-19 19 blue
CC-24 24 green
CC-29 29 red
CC-34 34 orange
CC-40 40 yellow
CC-45 45 brown
Conical head clips (stainless steel)
made of satainless steel,bright polished.
item no. model
CC200-10 10/19
CC200-12 12/21
CC200-14 14/23
CC200-19 19/26
CC200-24 24/29
CC200-29 29/32
CC200-45 45/40
Crocodile clips
Plastic covered jaws.
item no. colour
CR030-12 red
CR030-14 black
G clamp
cast iron,with ball end for surface protection,painted black and blue.
item no. range colour
GC100-10 0-25mm(1〞) black
GC100-20 0-50mm(2〞) black
GC100-30 0-75mm(3〞) black
GC100-40 0-100mm(4〞) black
GC100-50 0-125mm(5〞) black
GC170-10 0-25mm(1〞) blue
GC170-20 0-50mm(2〞) blue
GC170-30 0-75mm(3〞) blue
GC170-40 0-100mm(4〞) blue
GC170-50 0-125mm(5〞) blue
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